Still thinking about Red Dead Redemption 2

rdr2 comic

Last night I had the thought of this game, and it surprised me. Isn’t it surprising the things that we randomly think of?

Playing the game was enjoyable and sometimes a little disturbing. There were a few things that made it real that I would have preferred not to encounter. I don’t want to talk about them here to spoil the surprise, but let’s say that if you like dark things this game doesn’t disappoint.

I don’t like dark things. When I encountered those things in the game I had to take a breath and remind myself it was only a video game. I don’t like violence, yet this game has plenty of violence. Why would I play it if I don’t like violence?

It is because while violence is unacceptable, it was sadly a reality in the old west time period. Life was cheap, and for some people still is cheap. They could not make a realistic game without the violence that was present. While my character could not avoid certain violent acts due to how the game was structured, I tried to minimize the violence that he did. However in the game, at times, violence was justified.

Part of the game showed KKK and racist members and people who were actively hurting minorities and others. If I had ridden by then I would have allowed those things to occur. I am not ashamed to say that I killed racist players whenever I could. I killed those people who were actively killing others and those who were going to kill others. The trolley problem is not a real problem. It is moral to save more people than fewer people, and only someone who hasn’t lost someone to death would argue differently.

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When people hurt others in this life, they have forfeited their rights as a member of civilization. I do not ever advocate violence, it is not our job to kill others. We can lock people away, and I think that is the most we can do to others.