It is ok to show emotion and be afraid somtimes

claustrophobia comic

Lots of people are afraid to show their normal and healthy emotions, and it’s okay to be afraid and to show your emotions.

I grew up in a small town. It was so small that there was only one building that has two stories. For most of my life, I had wide open spaces and plenty of room. Then I came to Chicago to accept a job I had been offered, and I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

The apartment was tiny, and the job was in a 5 story building and required me to use the elevator. I found out that I didn’t like the enclosed space of an elevator, and I didn’t like looking out the window because I am afraid of heights. Going to that job was very difficult for me. Things haven’t changed. I still dislike elevators and take stairs when I can. I don’t like feeling trapped, and even though I feel less fear I have never fully come to terms with being uncomfortable in an elevator.

Yes, of course, it is illogical to be afraid to take an elevator. They are overwhelmingly safe and for most people, you are in and out quickly. I know this, but it is still ok, to be honest with myself and realize that it is difficult. So every job where I had to take an elevator was difficult for me. I usually close my eyes and think of something else and that seems to help. We all have things that we are uncomfortable with.

It is ok to be afraid sometimes, and it is ok to get help when you feel afraid. I have worked to become less sensitive to enclosed spaces and that has helped somewhat, but I admit that I don’t ever want to be enclosed and feel I am trapped. I am not sure that I will ever fully become at peace with this, but I continue to challenge myself with my fears and do what is uncomfortable. Given a choice, however, I won’t stress myself like this.

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People can perform under stress, but if we have a choice we won’t put ourselves in a stressful position.