Emotions are as accurate as a drunk monkey throwing darts at a target

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Yes, I did say this. Here is the reason why.

Repeatedly we have seen science tell us that our limited perceptions of things are not reality. Science has often shown that what we feel to be true isn’t. It was a given the earth was flat until we learned it wasn’t. Sorry, flat-earthers this article is not for you.

It isn’t stupid or foolish to grow and admit that we can learn. Sticking to past ideas is what people who are not courageous do. We can boldly go forward and admit we were wrong, and that doesn’t make us bad people, it makes us better people.

This isn’t just about facts that we can verify with our tools/machines. It is also about what is happening inside of us. Many times what we feel isn’t reality, because of our own beliefs and ignorance. If you are an adult, and can’t admit this, you need to do some self-reflection.

Most of the time our emotions do not help us. They are a reaction to things that appear to be but do not actually threaten us. In this complex world, we can see dangers where none exist. As a sensitive person, I can see dangers that aren’t real to others or will happen in the near future. This is both a curse and a blessing.

This is not to say I am special. I am not special. I like others and am strongly in tune with how others are feeling and thinking. While it can be helpful at times, most of the time it is not a gift I want. It can make being around others tiring, and when others have unhelpful moods you have to protect yourself from absorbing their moods.

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Those who are ignorant of their emotions and what is happening inside them are probably the most dangerous people. They blame others for their problems with no capacity to reflect on themselves. I am not victim-blaming here. We are all the villains, the victim, and the hero.