Stop looking for reasons to reject people

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If you look for reasons to reject people, it can only be because you feel some part of you isn’t acceptable.

Mentally healthy people accept others where they are. I have rarely been accepted where I was at. The first time it happened it changed my life. I decided then that I would accept others where they are at, no matter what.

This has been very difficult. Even though I accept people where they are, it doesn’t mean that I like or even want to be around them. I can disagree with someone and be respectful to them. If you can’t be respectful with someone you disagree with, you have more emotional issues than you are willing to admit to yourself.

Everyone has the right to their opinion and the right to be wrong. I know that in my life I have evolved in my opinions/values. It takes time to let go of the crap that well-meaning people want you to believe. I have said this many times before. We need to have more patience and kindness with others, not more judgment.

No one wants to be judged by others, yet how often we are quick to judge others? When we reject others we don’t allow them to make the mistakes and evolve that we have done in our own life. Why would we deny to others what we give to ourselves? It is hypocritical.

The best and most fulfilling feeling is when your acceptance of someone helps change their life. You don’t have to give advice. Often we just need to be there, listen to others, and agree that their experience makes sense why they would feel that way. We don’t have to agree with them, but we do need to show that they aren’t crazy for believing as they do.

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Only when we accept others do they improve.