iPads can be useful to companies

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I have helped many companies manage their iPads using various MDMs. I like Jamf the best, but increasingly companies are using Intune to manage them, which also works.

Why am I sharing this? It is fun to use management tools to do incredible things to devices that you used to have to do by hand. It feels great to be able to help companies be more efficient and more importantly have better security, usability, and management.

Tough Jobs Comic
tough jobs comic

No this isn’t just an advertisement I have a point. My point is that if your company has more than a handful of devices it makes sense to use an MDM. An easy-to-use MDM for small businesses is JAMF Now, although Intune is getting easier for the average person. It might require a consultant to briefly set up some settings but after that, most Microsoft familiar folks can manage it.

It is common for companies to move between MDM platforms. Many are migrating from the excellent but expensive AirWatch One to Intune. They are also migrating from Jamf Pro to Intune. I haven’t seen any company migrate from Intune to something else. I can understand why companies want to do this. Most companies also have Windows devices and it is convenient to have devices under the same management tools. It can also save money once you figure in the cost of the MDM expert’s time and special considerations like auditing or other requirements for that industry.

Intune has come a long way from where it first started. I like that Microsoft is continuing to add new features and I appreciate that they are trying to make it easier to use. It isn’t perfect but it does the job and it reduces the burden of knowledge that Jamf Pro requires. In comparison, Jamf Now is so simple anyone could set it up.

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If you don’t know what decision to make about either staying with your MDM or starting to use an MDM, now you have a little background on what might work out for you. This isn’t rocket science and there are plenty of intelligent people who can help you with it. I bet there are plenty of them reading this. iPads have been a great help to companies to demo things, act as a backup device, and increase people’s productivity. Perhaps now is the time to invest in them for your employees.