Using Intune to automatically setup my personal devices

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I had an earlier post about automating and decided to use Intune to set up my personal devices.

It has been a dream so far. I have installed the Microsoft Company portal on my iPhone/mac/PC/Virtual machines and it has joined it and had policies apply within minutes. It also has the benefit of increased security. If I get one of those devices stolen I can just wipe it and that is a nice backup for any private information that might be on the machine.

I had tried out JAMFNow in the past and I liked it but the simple fact is that many companies are switching to Intune from JAMF due to ease of use and cost. I really like JAMF and I have used other MDMS that I really like as well. You have to go where the market is going. Is JAMF going out of business? No of course not. It is just for me, there is more advantage to my career to learning Intune than JAMF at this point.

Is there a downside to using Intune to manage my personal devices? I don’t think so. Sure it costs about $22 a month but that is small potatoes for being able to continue to try things out. As a consultant I never found the Microsoft demo sites to be that helpful. They really don’t let you set up some of the very basic elements like the cname for example. I have mentioned before that I don’t mind investing in my education and this is a small cost. Now what this means is since I am using the business account I need to cancel the personal account or just not renew. I was paying $70 for a personal account for MS products but really only did it because I like using Outlook. It is more convenient than going to a webpage that I had been using previously with Fastmail.

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