Immigrant walks from Nicaragua

border comic

Watching the news I watched a story about immigration and the reporter interviewed a woman who walked from Nicaragua! I know most US citizens complain when they have to park in a far parking spot when they go to the store.

I had to find out how long that took. According to Google maps walking from Nicaragua to Texas takes 707 hours. That is approximately 29 days of 24/7 walking which isn’t possible. At best if she was an athlete it took her probably two months, most likely even longer.

Now think about this for a second. How bad does something have to be in your life to walk for two months to seek a better life? We might lose a job, lose a pet, but has anything ever forced us to walk TWO MONTHS to have a better life?

She is standing at the border and told she couldn’t get in because of Title 42. What the hell is wrong with us? She thinks the US is a place of hope, and we tell her that she can’t have a chance at a better life? Who are we to turn away workers we so desperately need?

More importantly what kind of society are we? We don’t have the desire and understanding that someone who values us this much will do everything she can to be a valuable citizen. I don’t think I could do what she did. I don’t think many US citizens could do what she has the strength both mentally and physically to do. How can we hear the story of these people and be unmoved by immigration? If we are so dead inside, then what are we living for?

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Almost universally my experience with immigrants has been positive. They are hardworking and do more than any US citizen that I ever knew did. They exceed expectations and they appreciate this life because they know what hardship is. Try to listen to someone else’s life and imagine yourself in it for a minute. Then tell me how you don’t want to give people a chance.