Feel good when you accomplish something

dog accomplishment comic

I have been working on a game for six months to beat one of the bosses and finally today I did it. I felt great.

Then a few minutes later I forgot about it. I remembered when I was thinking about what to share today. I think too often in life things that we accomplish we quickly forget to enjoy and savor the accomplishment.

dog accomplishment comic
dog accomplishment comic

In the prehistoric days when we survived an encounter with a wild animal or found food to eat, we could celebrate this all day. It was something that prevented our death. Now that we aren’t in life-and-death situations anymore, accomplishments may feel less valid but they are not less important.

Being able to execute a plan and make it happen doesn’t matter where it happens. It takes effort to achieve an accomplishment in a video game, just as much as in real life. It is just as valid. Some studies show that people who play video games increase their skills that can be used in real-world things. They are more creative, better problem solvers, and a host of other positive things.

I have a friend who is far more skilled with video games than me. He can beat games that I would never attempt. I admire that he has these skills and the creativity he uses in his job as well. I was never willing to dedicate the time to mastering video games that he was. I wanted to do other things in my life as well. I probably am not an expert at much but I do like being able to do a little bit of almost everything.

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Feel good when you accomplish something. Not everyone has the determination and drive to see it through.