Enjoy free to play games more when I don’t spend

wise man comic

Life is really funny. When you feel pressure to keep up, it takes the joy out of it. I learned this again when I didn’t spend on a free-to-play game. I enjoyed it more.

Why did I stop spending on an FTP game? Partly because the company’s prices were more than what I felt it was worth. Once they increased prices it was no longer worth it to me. It is really difficult to spend money on a game instead of real life. I just can’t justify it.

I accept that there are going to be people always stronger than me in online games, and that doesn’t make the game not worth playing. Just like life, you don’t have to win every battle to be happy. In the game, I have to face people that I don’t have a chance of winning in order to progress. It’s just part of the game. As the old saying goes “Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.” Right, Henry?

Now that I am not spending money on software, I have more money to save for hardware. Right now I am hitting the limits of Cities Skyline on my old Mac. It is freezing and causing stuttering in the game. It also causes the UI to not respond, so congrats on me for doing so well right? This is the real genesis of looking for a better gaming laptop. I really enjoy Cities Skyline and it has been so fun to try out new things.

I have decided on the laptop I am going to order and not going to share which one it is until I have a chance to test it and report back. I am not a marketing arm for any company, and the hype is rarely real.

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