I still overdo things!

retro comic

One of my issues in life is that I overdo things at times.

I was so excited to play a new PS5 game and enchanted by the story that I have been hitting it hard since I got it. Because of this, I have overexercised my fingers. It is not reasonable to play video games for 7 hours a day. I was staying up late at night to play.

My fingers were sore and I was still playing! Last night I took a break after only playing 4 hours. I figured my fingers needed a rest. Today they are still sore, so I am taking a break today from playing to give them a chance to rest.

I get excited by something and then I forget that there is a balance and limit that should be done. It’s okay to enjoy video games, but it’s not ok to hurt yourself while playing them. I am not lecturing others, I am lecturing myself. When your body starts to hurt, it’s time to listen and I should have listened to my hands sooner.

It is silly that I keep having to learn this lesson over in different forms. I shared earlier that I had a problem with Fig Newman cookies. I learned to control myself and now I only eat the serving size per day. I haven’t had an upset stomach since.

Self-control is tough. I like to think I have self-control but I only seem to have a limited amount and what I use on some things seems to make it unavailable for others. Let me give you an example. Often at work, you can have frustrating situations and people who are snippy with you. I choose to react to frustration from others with kindness and this works for me. However, after a day of kindness, my self-control starts to wear down. Then when I am home I might overdo it with cookies in the past or playing video games.

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I think the more strategic thing is to minimize things that require self-control so that I can have a reserve and I can make healthy choices for myself as well as for others. Does that make sense?