The Fig Newman trap

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I have a problem and I’ll be honest. I can’t resist Fig Newmans.

No problem resisting drugs, or other addictive behavior but something about fig Newton makes me crazy. I start with one and I’m like just another one and before you know I’ve eaten 12 of them. The serving size is 2.

Now anyone who has done this knows this is a problem. When you eat this many your stomach isn’t going to be happy. It isn’t going to be happy for a long time. For years I have done this. For years I have said to myself, “I’ll just have a few.” Sometimes I can limit it to 6 and other times I just eat the whole package. Then I don’t like how I feel for a long time.

The fig Newman taste is just so amazing to me. It is almost how I used to eat cheese as a kid. I would just consume ridiculous amounts of cheese. Unhealthy amounts of cheese. What was is even more silly is that I was allergic to milk although I didn’t realize it. I loved the taste of milk and couldn’t get enough milk products. Isn’t it strange that we often crave what is not healthy for us? In time my NMT doctor cured me of my allergy to milk but that is another story.

Today was the day after a hangover for me. There was half a pack of fig Newmans on the counter but I wasn’t falling for it. I felt terrible yesterday after eating so many and I probably might even throw away the package. I never throw away fig Newmans but I can’t let myself be controlled by other forces. I choose my destiny and I do not choose to make myself feel sick.

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We all have things that are kryptonite to us. In time we must learn to make peace with them or they will destroy us. Fig Newman is something I have to come to terms with.