I don’t know anything

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Yes, I said it, I’m an idiot.

In almost every youtube documentary or video, I watch I realize that I was wrong about something. Right now I am learning about repairing gas generators, and I realize that I am so ignorant about how basic things work. Yes, I have a solar generator, but it’s always interesting to see how mechanical things work.

I have paid mechanics tons of money over the years to fix problems with the cars I have owned. I tried to learn a little bit about each problem so that I could better evaluate the reasonableness of the repair and costs. Car problems are regular no matter how new or what model you have. They just aren’t reliable.

Often on this blog, I have said I don’t know anything. It is humbling to see how little I know. I get told by coworkers sometimes that they are impressed with what I know and often get asked random questions because of it. I have had coworkers who asked me questions and when I said that Google was a faster source they disagreed and said I was easier. I don’t feel good about what I know, but what I don’t know.

I had a problem once with one of the cars I owned and I had to take the company to court since it was a Lemon and I used the Lemon law. I was asked by the attorney of the car company if I was an expert at anything in my case in a hundred different ways. I had to say no to all of them. After he finished I said I have video evidence and I can’t wait for my day in court. The car company offered me a full refund outside of court, and I couldn’t wait to face them in the courtroom. You can be unknowledgeable about something, and still, know what your experience and reality are.

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This is the story of my life. I stumble and find my way, and try to respect each person’s reality. I don’t know anything. What do you know?