One step at a time

one step comic

One step at a time in life works really good.

Why would I say such a simple and obvious thing? It is because we don’t choose to live our life In a simple and obvious way. Many times I have noticed that myself and others dwell in the past or future and never focus on the present moment. We live in a shadow of fear and mistrust, instead of the simple enjoyment that can happen by living in the moment.

Part of what I have learned as I grow is that life is better than I expected. Both for me and others, even when we make terrible decisions often things work out ok. This is not to say that making critical decisions isn’t important. It is just to say that often we have an exaggerated sense of importance and stress, over things that really don’t matter at all.

Take for example change. We have to change each day but often we resent and try to avoid changing. Then something happens and change is inevitable. If we had taken small steps to change, then the large change wouldn’t have been required. Take for example a client who had their website stop working for 3 days. I had told them before they needed to change, but they didn’t want to hear it. Now they are willing to switch web hosting companies, because they look like idiots not having a working webpage. Their customers are getting a negative impression of them, and it is very unprofessional.

Often in IT companies won’t change until there is a problem. Then suddenly they are open to change. This is a tiring thing for IT to deal with. If IT suggests change, then you should listen. Reasons can always be made not to do something, but the truth is that most people are lazy and resist learning. This not only hurts them personally but professionally as well. If we only had the courage to make small constant changes everyday, we would be more openminded when we need to make larger ones.

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