Help protect your gums with this mouthwash

healthy mouthwash screenshot

I love trying out new things and this mouthwash promises to protect your gums. I have been using its brother for about a year and it has worked very well for me. Therefore I bought this and so far so good.

One of the nicest things about this mouthwash is the density of the liquid. You can really feel that it has some force to clean your teeth. When I swish with this I feel it and I know that it is working to clean my gums and teeth. It really is very effective for me in oral care.

Is there a downside to this? The price is probably more than you are used to paying for mouthwash. However given its protective abilities it seems very reasonable to me to pay this. One of the ingredients has a scientific study that shows its effectiveness in dental/oral health.

The link above also linked to the Japanese gum that has been scientifically shown to increase enamel growth. To me, this 1-2 punch is a knockout for good oral care. With a water flosser, copper cup and vitamins I am doing what I can to be healthy.

How did I find this? I randomly try things that seem to have some science behind them. If they seem to make a difference for me then I suggest them to others. I continue to try non scientific based products as well but I don’t find they do anything.

For example I have also tried other mouthwashes that had glowing reviews and users claimed were great. I didn’t see any difference and in fact, the ingredients were terrible. You can’t have a good effect if they ingredients are poisoning and damaging you. There is no place for any product that includes artificial colors or chemicals that are toxic. Fortunately this product has good ingredients and I have not noticed any negative side effects from using the biorepair brand.

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