Many US and world citizens are low in copper according to a scientific study.

However there is an easy solution to this. Besides eating more copper rich foods, vitamins you can also use a copper cup to absorb more copper in your diet. This is popular in Indian restaurants and culture. In fact the last Indian restaurant I went to had another kind of copper cup I bought as well.

You can see to the side that these are quality cups. I have used them for a year and they haven’t gotten damaged in any way. It is pretty to look at the copper cup and it has other health benefits as well. It kills pathogens and so it is a very healthy cup to drink from.

I had never had a copper cup before. The only care you have to do is wipe it off. It will tarnish if you leave water on it, but it is easy cleaned by Bar Keepers Friend liquid. It almost takes it instantly off.

I don’t use the straw or cover but the price is fair for what you get. It has been fun having these beautiful cups and I know that I won’t run low on copper by using them. If only there was a cup that was composed of vitamins so you could take your vitamins every time you used it. That would be fun and easy.

Let’s see is there a downside? Just wiping it off when done which is no big deal. If you don’t mind tarnish you don’t need to wipe it off. Mine look as new as the day that I got it. Well one of them does, the other cup I used a harsh brush which scratched it but I learned that the BKF was enough to clean it. You don’t need to use anything abrasive on it.

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