Haven’t had to use the dashcam

Cheap Comic

I bought a dashcam a few years ago because I thought it might help for insurance purposes. I haven’t used the footage for anything.

Do I regret buying it? No. At the very least I have some proof if there is an accident. I hope I never have to use it. On the other hand, it is quite ugly and I don’t enjoy it being there. I wish there was a better way to power it, but short of buying a newer car I have to live with this solution.

Why am I sharing this? Mostly because I have bought things just in case and most of the time I never used them. I am thrilled that this has happened to many things I have bought. See this article on fire safety. I don’t want trouble, and I always want to be prepared.

Cheap Comic
cheap comic

Yet at times, I think I am overprepared. This isn’t to brag but rather to ask yourself what seems reasonable. I shared that I bought a 72-hour emergency kit. There have been a few blackouts and other failures like water, and sewer but I haven’t had to use it yet. Still, it is ready if I need it.

Now sometimes my preparations border on ridiculous. I bought a coat that also doubles as a life preserver. It can float for 2 hours for a 250lb person which I am less. That’s pretty amazing. I am going to buy one for a friend who often takes the ferry so that if it sinks they won’t die. They can’t swim so this investment is worthwhile for them. I always wear that coat when I go out because it is also the warmest coat I have so I am just thrilled to wear it.

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Strangely while I have material things for emergencies, I never was able to save much money in the past. I always had some urgent thing that needed to be fixed like my car/house or whatever. Now I have been able to save up six months’ worth of expenses in the last year so that is a nice thing as well. If you don’t have six months of expenses saved up, this is your top priority. Then never again will you worry if you lose a job or don’t have income coming in. Since I work as a consultant, you have to save and expect that sometimes there are times when you don’t get assignments. However, when you do get assignments they can be juicy so self-control is essential here.

Now we get to the real reason I wrote this. I am trying to avoid buying upgrades on Strike Force that would make me more competitive with other players. I am working to save money since I am switching apartments and need to replenish the money it will take for all the costs of moving to a new apartment. I can do it. I can just play a game and not need to be in the highest ranks. *sighs* Life gives you opportunities to grow you know?