Men often try to help each other

Payment Fairnness Comic

Yesterday I had groceries delivered and just making small talk with the driver I asked if his SUV had AWD. It had just been snowy and it was something friendly to say and I was curious.

He replied it had and we had a nice conversation about his vehicle. He said it was cheap and that was why he bought it but it drove well and liked it. He was undoubtedly turning on the charm to get a bigger tip and he was friendly and that was nice. Most online delivery drivers are amiable and I appreciate that.

Why am I sharing this? I was thinking about it and for the most part, even men who don’t know each other often try to help each other. I have seen more male strangers cooperate than female strangers cooperate and I think this is something that men want to do.

Payment Fairnness Comic
payment fairness comic

Another example. When I was dating and I would go to restaurants if it was a male server they would treat me as a VIP more than a female server would. They would act as though I was more important trying to show the woman I was on a date with that I was a keeper and probably wanted a bigger tip. Both of these examples involve the service industry let me think of an example that doesn’t have that.

In the grocery store, I was there once with a girlfriend and I had a large cart of groceries that was a little awkward because it was so loaded down. Many men moved their carts around mine to give me space and I don’t remember any female doing that. Men can be thoughtful and considerate if you are looking for it.

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When I bought a new car the sales guy reminded me that I had left a few emergency supplies in the trunk of my trade-in and asked if I wanted them. I said no and asked if he wanted them and he said yes and I said they were his. It feels good to give things to people.

There are more examples but looking back in my life I have had more gifts from men than from women. Both in acts of service and straight-up gifts. Men get an unfair reputation and everyone is an individual.