Looking for a 72 hour survival bag? Two options

They're taking this survival of the fittest thing a little too far.

I love the survival bag I bought earlier called the Stay Alive 72 Hour Superior backpack. For two people it cost $250. It is an incredible value for what you get. You can read the earlier post where I discuss it at length.

They're taking this survival of the fittest thing a little too far.
They’re taking this survival of the fittest thing a little too far.

I am always curious so I like to research things like this every once in a while. I found another pack that costs more money but has more things. The Stay Alive pack is an amazing 72 kit, but this Complete Bug out Bag can allow you to camp and go outdoors and be more prepared. I wanted to share this with people who wanted to spend more money and get more gear and supplies. It is called the Echo-Sigma BUG OUT BAG COMPLETE EMERGENCY KIT for $650. I really like this bag as well.

If you buy the more expensive bag, I would still buy the Stay Alive bag. The Stay Alive bag has more of some things like fire-starting tools and the gear is complementary to what the ES bag has. If you absolutely can’t afford both just buy the more expensive one but it may be overkill for people who live in urban situations. There isn’t a good place to use things like a tent for example.

I have researched some emergency kits that cost up to $3000 and I think the ES kit is a better value. The value of those more expensive kits is not in line with what I think the majority of US citizens might need. Those kits have expensive electronics like ham radios, solar power, or specialty tools/weapons. I think at that level you need an expert to help not waste money. I would though say that anyone who lives near an ocean like I do, gets a desalination water kit. Those cost about $1500 for a mobile kit and I will buy one in the future. Then if the water supply stops I can generate water from the ocean. Talk about being over-prepared!

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I can see the value of having the more expensive kit if you have more than two people in your family. Many prepping experts suggest having two of each item in case your gear gets lost, stolen, or broken. That makes sense. If you are depending on it for your life, having multiple items can be very helpful. I like the two is one, one is none theory. Whoever is the strongest can carry the biggest survival pack and the other can get the lighter and more easily handled kit.

Many survival experts have suggested that you shouldn’t carry more than 10% of your weight in a backpack in a survival situation. So if you are 200lbs, your pack shouldn’t be more than 20lbs. It doesn’t list the ES kit weight but based on what it has I would estimate it probably to weigh 50-75 lbs. This kit will be a challenge for most US citizens to carry. I would estimate my Stay Alive 2-person pack is about 40 lbs now but I added a few items. When new it might be 35lbs. I didn’t add very much because it was so good.

I am not ready to buy the ES bag because things are not bleak enough to justify spending almost $700 on a perhaps. However, if things get worse it will be the next thing that I buy.