Be prepared for emergencies for 72 hours

stay alive pack image

I grew up in a community that a strong independent outdoorsman preference. Many people liked to talk about their survival equipment. They stored food and did all the things it is popular to do now.

stay alive pack image
stay alive pack image

Therefore I like being prepared as well. I must admit that I often feel people have overdone it so I try to consider a balance in prepping. Last year I tried out some emergency food which I liked the taste of but made me feel sick. Currently, I have a small emergency bag in my car but it is inadequate.

NY state just like most others encourages citizens to have emergency supplies that can last 72 hours. I was here during Hurricane Sandy and I was embarrassed that I didn’t have this given my background. So for the last several years, I have looked for something that could do the job.

I finally found it. I do not get paid for this endorsement, but I think this is the best pack to survive 72 hours in an emergency situation. It can be adjusted for 1 or 4 people easily when you buy it. For 1 person it comes to $199 and for 2 $249. Reasonable price for what you get.

That may sound expensive to some of you but it is a necessary cost. No one knows the future, and no one can help you when they don’t have themselves. To me, this kit is cheap insurance for the future. I hope that I never have to use it.

It is called Superior Emergency Pack.

This is their sales copy from the page:


Emergency Rescue Blanket: (Qty. 1 per person)

Poncho: (Qty. 1 per person)

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Water: 72 ounces provided

Blue Water Cans:12 ounces each can. 50 years shelf life 

1 person: Qty: 2 cans

2 person: Qty: 4 cans

3 person: Qty: 6 cans

4 person: Qty: 6 cans (with discount on case)

Sawyer Water Filter: (Qty. 1) Includes (2) 1L (32 oz) squeeze pouches, inline adapters for hydration packs, gravity filter parts, straw, and all necessary cleaning devices. 3 – 4 person pack

Sawyer mini squeeze water filter (Qty. 1)Also includes (1) 16 oz water pouch, (1) straw, and (1) cleaning syringe. Provides 100,000 gallons of water! 1 – 2 person pack

Fire Starter/Heat:

Lighter: (Qty. 1)

Stormproof Matches box:(Qty. 1)

Flint + Scraper: (Qty. 1)


1-2 person: Qty: 2

3-4 person: Qty: 4

Hot Packs: (Qty. 1 per person)

The Survival Tabs – Chocolate flavor

25 year shelf life!

1 person: 12 tabs

2 person: 24 tabs

3 person: 36 tabs

4 person: 48 tabs

Navigating/Signaling Tools: 

Running Snail Emergency Radio (Qty. 1): Includes micro USB cable and port devices such as for smart phones.

Compass + Carabiner:(Qty. 1)

Flashlight: (Qty. 1)

AAA Batteries: (Qty. 4)

Glow Lights:

1 person: Qty: 1

2-4 person: Qty: 2

Orange Trail Tape: (Qty. 1)

Whistle: (Qty. 1)

Signaling Mirror + Whistle: (Qty. 1)

Additional Items: 

Paracord 550: (Qty. 1) Includes 9 strands-7white, 1 red tinder, 1 fish line.

Protective Eyewear glasses (Qty. 1 per person)

Trash Bag (Qty. 1)

Duct Tape: (Qty. 1)

Tactical knife: (Qty. 1) Features glass breaker

Rubber Gloves: (Qty. 1pair)

Re-usable Cable Pieces/Zip Ties:

1-2 person: Qty: 5

3-4 person: Qty: 10

11 in 1 Multi-function Stainless Steel Credit Card Tool: (Qty. 1)

Can opener, bottle opener, saw blade, knife, ruler, screwdriver, small hexagon wrench, large hexagon wrench, butterfly wrench, angle gauge, hanghole

Notebook: (Qty. 1)

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Pen: (Qty. 1)

Mini Playing Cards: (Qty. 1)

Ziploc Bag: (Qty. 3)

Basic First Aid, Wilderness and Natural Disaster Booklet (Qty. 1)

The only thing I would add to this kit is the B.O.S.S. Medical Bundle for $119. This is an amazing medical kit that can do an incredible amount of things.

Be prepared for whatever life throws at you.