Headphones at work are awesome

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Headphones at work are awesome.

If you are like many people you probably work in an open office. This has been in almost every office I have worked in during my career. The problem with these offices as you all know is noise. It is hard to focus when there are lots of distracting noises.

In the link above I shared my favorite headphones that I have found so far. Even though I shared this before it is probably the single most effective thing that has helped me focus at work.

What else makes headphones wonderful is that when you listen to music and not doing Zoom conferences it helps elevate your mood. Work is stressful and it requires a good attitude as much as possible. Music can be refreshing and help to pass the boredom and grind that jobs often have.

Part of the downside of working in a job is doing tasks that are mundane and boring. However, those are important to get done and often are key to getting things accomplished. Other times headphones allow us to block out the noise and even with no music, provide a welcome relief from the constant bombardment of noise.

For HSPs like myself, we get tired of the constant stimulation of noise, lights, motion, and all the other things that happen in a normal work environment. One of the upsides for HSP people is their productivity increases when they are at home. They can control things that bother them, and instead of focusing on stimulation, they can focus on their work. In-office work appeals to high-energy, outgoing people who are not HSP. Low-energy, introverted, and/or HSP people find work a challenge to even be there.

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Respecting people’s boundaries and being kind also includes not stimulating HSP people unnecessarily and understanding that we all work differently and have different preferences.