Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus headphones are amazing

Noise Canceling Headphones

They surprised me and for a Q that is a rare gift indeed.

How did they surprise me? You can connect it to up to 2 sources at the same time. Ok doesn’t sound so special, but they are simultaneously connected. I was listening to a song on my PC and my iPhone had a notification and I heard it! Amazing. I also was listening to a song and I got a phone call on my iPhone and it paused the song and answered the call. That was pretty neat too.

Noise Canceling Headphones
noise canceling headphones

What this means is that this headphone which is less bulky and has longer battery life, outperforms my other headset in almost every aspect. I was just on a Zoom call and the feedback my coworker gave me is that I sounded distant when I was using it for a microphone, but I switched that back to my computer and they said it sounded better. I think they are just spoiled with the better mic on my PC.

Is there a downside? It is a dramatic difference to put them on and it is comparable to stepping into a quiet library from a busy street. It is quieter in fact than the inside of many bank vaults, and I have been in a few bank vaults myself in the past. I thought when I put them on that I stepped into a quiet library and the sound canceling even with no music was incredible. I barely hear any traffic even when it is off. When the music is playing I don’t hear anything. First putting them on is a big adjustment. You might feel that the sound isolation is a little weird. I was thrown at first.

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Based on my experience the past few hours I am going to give away the 2 year old headphones and in the future buy another one of these as a backup. I am so pleased.