Got to see a doctor regularly

doctor comic

You have to see a doctor regularly. Even when you don’t feel sick.

Lately, I have seen all kinds of doctors since I haven’t seen them in a few years. I see the dentist every 3 months and the other two doctors I hadn’t seen one for a few years. I am healthy and it is always nice to hear that everything is going fine.

Why am I writing this? Statistically, men are less willing to see a doctor but we can normalize seeing one. For me seeing a doctor can be fun. Most of the time you get some kind of benefit that directly impacts and helps your current well-being. I will give you an example.

I went to the ENT doctor and she looked at my tongue and said that I needed to drink more water. I thought I was drinking enough water but apparently not. I started to drink more water and I felt better.

When I went to the eye doctor he said I was healthy and that my prescription was about the same. That is nice to know. I really like the glasses that I have now and wasn’t looking forward to changing them. I learned from the eye doctor that they have new techniques and that is interesting to know. The ENT doctor had new techniques as well which is interesting.

Is there a downside to seeing a doctor regularly? Sure, you might spend money that you otherwise wouldn’t have spent. To me being healthy and happy is a priority. I don’t want to have lots of money and poor health like I see many people choose. I have spent money out of pocket with many doctors to be healthy and I feel lucky and privileged to do so. I know that not everyone has that option, and I will continue to make my health a priority.

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Don’t be afraid of getting bad news from the doctor. Be afraid of getting so sick and the problem is advanced and there are limited things that can be done to heal you.