Don’t waste peoples time

waste time comic

If you know that you won’t benefit from something, don’t waste people’s time and let them know immediately.

For example, I have recruiters constantly reaching out to me. I told them that I was not interested immediately if they didn’t tell me the location of work and salary. People only have so much time and wasting time on me doesn’t help either of us. I also have tons of people reaching out to me looking to do business with me or my company. Again I tell them that I am not interested and that the company isn’t looking for vendors. I am not going to give them hope when there is no hope.

I should have also done this with a company that was a red flag on my first day. When I was asked to introduce myself, the boss disappeared behind me when I was talking. From the first day, I should have seen that they didn’t have my back. That was a mistake that I chose to work there, and I should have left that day. If you feel that you aren’t being supported, you have to leave a company no matter what your situation is. Working in a company that doesn’t support you, will only make you unhappy.

When we encounter a situation that doesn’t work for us, we need to be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves why again am I doing this. If it is only for money, then that is not enough of a reason to do it. If we do things only for money, we will feel empty and hate our existence. We also need to feel that we are contributing and that there is a meaning beyond just getting a paycheck. If we aren’t motivated internally to work, our work is worthless.

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Once in my past, I worked in a factory as a maintenance man and I saw people who were paid minimum wage. They did the very least they could do. It was understandable. They had problems with housing, food, and transportation and they had no reason to go beyond the minimum. They were barely surviving, and to ask them to work hard is asking them to quit. We can not expect people to support capitalism when capitalism doesn’t support them. We can’t be mad at someone who is barely surviving. Instead, we need to look to those people who put them in that situation even though they are doing a fair day’s work.

The most important person in your life is yourself. Don’t waste your time.