Employee education is so critical to retention

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I don’t understand why companies don’t make employee education as critical as salary.

I have worked at very few places that offered to pay for my continuing and relevant education. Of course, I have invested in myself, and of all the places I have worked only two have asked what continuing education I would like to do. When I told them they said they would think about it and I never got approved for that education which would have helped directly the company’s bottom line.

Education is expensive, but hiring new people is expensive too. When you look at your career and want to grow and aren’t given the opportunity, it is a challenge to stay at a company. It is difficult for almost everyone to spend the thousands of dollars that some training courses require. It has been a challenge for me in the past. Banks don’t want to loan money for such small amounts, and random expenses make it hard to pay off. If you have a car you know what I mean. They tend to break down every time you have saved a little bit of money.

Therefore when you are curious and want to learn and grow and can’t this is a difficult situation to be in. You then get an email saying “Hey we love your skills come work for us and we will pay for your education and learn new things.” It makes it very hard not to go to the company that offers the best path for your future.

Now of course some of you will say what about loyalty? Loyalty is fine when you are getting what you need. The fact is that as I shared earlier most companies only offer a 3% raise and with inflation higher than this for the majority of my working career, staying at a company makes my salary less each year. If you aren’t getting an education, promoted, or more money it just doesn’t make sense to stay.

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Employers if you want to keep people invest in them and give them a reason to stay.