Google Search console is indexing my pages

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It is slow going, but Google Search Console is indexing my pages with my help.

I have to manually click on my webpages that are “Crawled but not indexed” and then ask it to manually index it. It adds it to a list after spending about a minute or so doing some background checks. Making sure it is there for example and not in the index already. Then in about 5-7 days, it might get added.

Why am I sharing this? It takes time to work and do things manually in Google Search Console. I investigated a plugin that claimed that it had an instant Google Search Index API that could add your site instantly. That’s true that API exists. It is also true that it is only for JobPosting or Broadcast event.  So it is more than a little deceptive to not include that information upfront.

I don’t like companies that aren’t honest. It isn’t honest to advertise a feature that most people won’t be able to use. Most people are not a job or a media company with a broadcast and time-sensitive event. If a company is deceptive in the smallest thing, it will be deceptive in others. It’s not a good thing to break trust with your users, and they will hate you avoid your company, and tell others.

Now on average, I get about 20 URLS I can request indexing per day. I am going to be in this process for months. This is fine because often things in work are details that just need to be taken care of. I wish there was a better way but being a webmaster takes time to do it right. SEO is work and people who don’t recognize this won’t ever benefit from having their site optimized.

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Is there a downside to using Google Search? Sure I am not fond of the UI. I think it is clunky and slow. I think Google makes it difficult because they don’t want people overoptimizing against their algorithm. For example, they won’t tell you why your page won’t be indexed. Even if it is long-form, high-quality, and “awesome content” as they say. I can understand that black SEO experts will use that information to further game the system, but there has to be a way to help people in a more intuitive way than just guessing.

Slow and steady like old Bessie. Giddup Bessie!