Freakin’ Reviews on Youtube has great advice

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I love watching product reviews. I blame it on all the infomercials I watched as a kid.

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I think Freakin Reviews is the best product reviewer on Youtube. I recently needed to replace some of my pillows and I thought why not try out some of his advice? I bought his top two suggestions for pillows. The Purple Pillow (flat non fluffy one), and the Coop adjustable pillow. They are both excellent. They are the two most comfortable pillows I have used, and James was right. For side sleepers like myself, it really makes you feel great in the morning.

I suspected I may need a new pillow because I would often wake up with sore shoulders, and neck, headaches, or irritations of my skin and eyes. It turns out that also buying a silk pillowcase along with these pillows has been amazing. I wake up feeling even better than I usually do. If you wake up feeling unhappy you might want to try the combination of silk pillowcases and one of these two pillows.

Why am I sharing this with you? I don’t get a profit or benefit other than knowing that others can enjoy the same great sleep that I have enjoyed. One of the things I have always tried to do on this blog is to share the best of what has helped me. Not everyone will like my suggestions and thats ok. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

Watching product reviews is very interesting. Most of the time they show that advertisements lie and that the claims are exaggerated. Made-for-TV products in my experience are mostly garbage. It is fun to see what really works which is what I have learned from him. These were the first two things I bought on his suggestion, but based on this experience I might buy something else if I need it.

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You can’t trust reviews from Amazon/Google. I find these real-life experiments the most helpful to really know if it is right for me.