Experience with ISP’s in greater NYC

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I have worked for businesses that have used a variety of ISP’s. So I speak for both my personal and business ISP use.

Personally, I have used: Frontier, Optimum, AT&T, Time Warner Cable (Spectrum business), Verizon FIOS, Clear, and RCN. I have used them in several states: IL, CT, and greater NYC. All of them have had issues. All but Verizon have been DSL. I never liked sharing bandwidth with cable providers. I also found DSL to be the cheapest where I lived, so that was part of my decision as well. Avoid Clear and RCN. Terrible experience with both of those.

bat organization comic
bat organization comic

The issues that they had ranged from frequent outages, and slowness to not finding websites (DNS issues). Most commonly it was slow. From best to worst the order is Verizon FIOS, Optimum, Spectrum Business, Frontier, AT&T, Clear, RCN. FIOS is the fastest, but it still has frequent outages. It is disappointing and not up to the business fiber standard.

For companies I have supported, I have used: Spectrum, Optimum, Time Warner Cable (Spectrum Business), AT&T, Megapath, Transbeam, Charter cable modem, Verizon High-speed internet (not FIOS), and different Fiber providers. All of these have been terrible. Same as the issues above. What is really disappointing is how much most companies pay for “better” service and the service is not better. 

For example, I have supported companies that have branches in many locations so it is frequent that many locations have internet issues. When you call the company to support their product, they are just a mess trying to deal with it. They waste your time, they don’t keep their promises to show up when they claim they will, and they threaten to bill you for their mistakes.

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Wasting time dealing with ISPs seems to take an even larger share of an IT support person’s time. It used to be that internet service seemed to care about doing a good job. Now technicians will half complete a job, not be able to contact their HQ, have the wrong equipment, blame your equipment, not replace old equipment. Basically do everything but do their job.

I can’t think of the last time that I worked with an ISP and thought to myself, what a great job they did. I expect to take ownership of the case, make multiple phone calls, and do their job for them. Right now I have two locations with issues and both of the different ISPs are not doing their jobs. Thanks Optimum and Spectrum Business. So people are not able to do their jobs because they can’t be bothered to do theirs.

I always suggest wireless companies to companies that I work for, but because it is not common they are not open to it. However they can’t be less reliable than wired companies, so in my mind, it is a better choice. Wired isn’t better. Don’t let anyone tell you that lie. Plenty of times fiber gets cut and the resolution can take hours or days.