Learning so much from Rocket.net technical support

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I have opened lots of cases not because Rocket.net has issues, but because I ignorantly made mistakes that I shouldn’t have done.

The latest mistake had to do with the WP Rocket WordPress caching plugin. I had configured it to preload based on a guide that I found to optimize Elementor. It turns out that with the CloudFlare Enterprise CDN they use, it wasn’t needed. I was curious why my bandwidth was spiking and was briefly concerned that I would surpass my 50GB limit.

I don’t believe that I will hit that 50GB limit but if I have that level of traffic then I will upgrade my site. That would be a wonderful problem to have. It is fair to charge based on usage. All the other resources are basically unlimited. Which is wonderful since the cost of commodity hardware is cheap.

It is also interesting how connected things are. I shared that I am switching my domain registrar. I am switching it to CloudFlare which will mean that it will be as fast as possible since it is inside their network. I expect to get an even faster speed than I already posted. Which is kind of ludicrous at a fraction of a second.

I mean a website can be accessed INTERNATIONALLY faster than my old disk drive used to read data from a floppy. Crazy!

Probably wearing out the support staff with questions but after reading all the FAQs and information that was presented I had more questions. I am sure that I could get an even faster response if I didn’t use Elementor but I really like some of its UI on both the front/back end. I will never use Gutenberg and spit on its grave when it dies.

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I have tried web-based webpage builders but found them very lacking. I used to have this site hosted at wordpress.com and it was a fun and easy introduction when I started. I have helped people make websites, and back in the day even hand-coded an HTML website for me. What a pain in the keester that was. However I loved being able to share information with my clients, and I found it so helpful as an IT person to better understand web technology.

No matter what happens professionally I want to always be published and share my experience so that others can learn from my mistakes. I think too often we are embarrassed at our mistakes when we should embrace and display them. They are not signs of failure, they are signs of courage.

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