Email invite to sue former employer

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I get email invites to sue people every year or so. Today I got one that made me laugh. It was to sue a company that I had nothing but a good experience with.

Now I realize that my experience is not everyone’s experience. Perhaps the company is guilty and I don’t know that. However, my gut feeling says no based on how I was treated. In fact, the company supported me even when the client was being unreasonable and took my side.

It is unfortunate that people feel they are being treated unfairly by companies. Most companies that I have worked for have treated people unfairly and didn’t have the sensitivity to deal with things in a professional way. People are learning about how to respect others, and I appreciate any company that tries to do the ethical and compassionate thing.

I will remove myself from this class action lawsuit because I don’t think that it has merit. I don’t wish to profit unfairly from a good experience. While the client wasn’t a good experience, it was the best that could be done in that situation so I accept that.

One of the things that people fail to realize when they sue companies is that how things look from the outside is rarely how they are on the inside. I am not defending this company, but simply stating that an employee has a limited perception of how a company functions.

I don’t ever want to sue a company if we can friendly work out the differences that we have. However if a company leaves me no choice, then I will gladly sue because consumers have rights and justice/fairness is important. I often stand up for my consumer rights and would never suggest anyone not stand up for what they believe in. I did this before to a car company that was being a jerk and won.

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