Dreamed that women were saving humanity last night

what women want comic

It might be from watching All in the Family but I dreamed that women were saving humanity last night.

During the dream, it seemed completely logical. Apparently, in the future, about 50 years from now the world will become so hot that food shortages will become common, and women’s DNA will adapt to this new environment. Women were stronger than men due to chemicals trying to improve agriculture weakening men, and other factors. There was also some experimentation where women volunteered to take genetic enhancements to offset the rising death rate and low birth rate.

what women want comic
what women want comic

In the dream, I was doing what I could to help improve things. Mostly I was working in agriculture since it was such a pressing need. We had robots working as well, but they were not human and quite limited. I was in a rural setting and the small group I was with was working on rehabbing the local environment in the mountain valley that I was in.

The dream reflects my concerns about the future. We have scientific evidence that the future will be a challenge due to rising temps and global weather instability. It seemed in the dream that due to the lack of population, the earth was slowly getting a chance to rebalance. I also had this dream due to the last thing that Jon Stewart said in his TDS show “The sun will run out of hydrogen at some point.” I was struck by the negative tone that many people have about existence. While funny, it was sad that many people feel hopeless which never is helpful. It is crazy how we create the problem and then don’t take responsibility for our choices. I contributed to this future, and I am contributing to a better future with my choices.

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Women may not save humanity alone, I think it requires all of us.