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Make your LinkedIn profile shine and recruiters will be beating down your mailbox

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I worked to make my LinkedIn profile shine and I have regular contact with recruiters sending me jobs and opportunities. This is not to brag but to help those who are looking for a job.

I wrote earlier about steps that you could take to make your profile more attractive. LinkedIn Learning has some videos that talk about how to improve your profile and I found them very useful. As I was watching the video I was making improvements in my profile. Basically, try to fill out everything you can on LinkedIn. It may not seem important to you, but it is important to someone and it shows that you are serious about your career.

A few days ago I discovered that in the feature section, you can provide a URL to a Google document which is your resume and it will easily allow people to download it. This is a nice feature for recruiters who are able to directly download from LinkedIn. Many recruiters say that they need resumes emailed to them because they are not allowed to receive downloads from LinkedIn.

Each day I look at my profile and ask myself how can I make it look more attractive to a recruiter. How can I quantify what I know or have accomplished? Can I use numbers or complete LinkedIn learning educational videos to show that I am familiar with a topic? Look at yourself from another person’s point of view. How can you show them who you are without requiring them to believe you? Have you done actions or accomplishments that speak for themselves?

Responding to every recruiter is also important. Even when recruiters offer jobs that have no relevance to my skillset I respond to them. They probably are taking a mass spam approach but when you respond you set yourself apart from the majority of people. When you treat others with respect even when they don’t respect you, you are showing that you are more than the typical job seeker.

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Don’t be afraid to say no to jobs that you can do but that you don’t want to do. It doesn’t benefit you to take a job that you aren’t happy in. Your attitude will affect your work and those around you. Don’t be afraid to say no to jobs that don’t allow you to grow and develop. Doing what is easy and getting paid for it may seem fun but it is not. It is boring and being able to learn something makes a job interesting. Don’t be afraid to look for a sense of purpose in your job search. Find a company that does something that you believe in and will make the world a better place. When you are enthusiastic about your job you will love it and just want to excel. Communicate this enthusiasm in your interviews and on your LinkedIn profile by always improving it and showing others that you may be the right person for their job.