Looking for a new job on LinkedIn? 10 tips to get noticed

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I am currently looking for a new job and optimizing my LinkedIn profile.  I found a nice tutorial that explains how to get the #opentowork to show up on your profile pic.

There are other things that you can do as well to make it easy for recruiters to contact you and show your strengths. I will list them below.

  1. Have a professional resume service update your resume. I like Storeyline Resumes and they have worked well for me in the past. They are expensive but worth it.
  2. Do the #opentowork instructions posted above.
  3. On your website display your resume on your About Me page. I shared earlier that I am learning Elementor and there is a wonderful and easy-to-use Elementor plugin called PDF Viewer for Elementor that is free and displays your PDF resume beautifully.
  4. Post using this format How to announce your job search on LinkedIn. When I did this, I got more views than any other article I have ever posted to LinkedIn.
  5. Don’t be ashamed to reach out to recruiters you don’t know. I have reached out to suggested recruiters that LinkedIn feed suggested and sent them my resume.
  6. Watch videos on LinkedIn learning and share them with your supporters. It shows that you are committed to learning and companies love that people like to learn.
  7. Take the LinkedIn skill assessments. I took two of them and now I have 7 skill assessments that are used by recruiters to help verify you have skills. It also gives you an idea of training videos to fill any gaps that might exist in your knowledge.
  8. Make sure your website and social media present you in the best light. Don’t be afraid to delete old articles that no longer apply. I have deleted old information on my website to keep it focused and helpful.
  9. Share with other people who are looking for a job. This may not directly help you, but working to help others always makes you feel better about being useful during the day.
  10. Increase your network. Not because you need people to believe you, but because eventually there is someone who values you and life is about numbers anyway.
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Good luck out there! There is a place for everyone in the world no matter how frustrated you might feel now.