Don’t trust internet reviews

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If you trust internet reviews you will be sorry.

Why is this? People who just give an opinion are the least capable ways to making a decision. I like reviewers who demonstrate the product and actually try it out for longer than a few hours or a day. That is how you get good reviews.

I shared how I stopped buying at a major internet retailer because I got burned by the reviews and lies. I experienced this again today. I had a friend who had a mouse product that I was always curious about but never bought. They let me use it, and within 15 minutes my hand started to hurt. All the reviews of this product were mid to excellent, but that was just BS. She had a problem with comfort/pain as well and when the same thing happened to me, it is clear this is a design flaw.

I am glad I didn’t waste the money to try this mouse. Its actually killed an entire category of mice for me. As they say once bitten, twice shy.

Ever since I have used the Internet the scams change but the lies remain the same. There is some plausible reason given for something, and on the surface the logic seems reasonable. However once you are hooked, then the lies become apparent.

Does this mean you won’t read internet reviews? I will read them, but I won’t believe them. I was suspicious of them before, but I didn’t realize that so many people would just lie without regard to the truth.

This isn’t just about this mouse experience. Perhaps the mouse is great and I am not the right hand type to appreciate it. I doubt it. It is about using the internet for a long time and constantly being disappointed by the hype that it wants you to believe.

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Truth doesn’t change, and it isn’t individual.