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Save time applying to jobs with Simplify

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I have been testing out Simplify and it is amazing how it can save you time when you apply for jobs.

No, I am not getting any benefit from sharing this. Yesterday I applied for a job that was 5 pages and in the past that application would have taken me 30 minutes. With the Simplify extension, it asked if I wanted to fill in my data in the form, and when I said yes, 10 seconds later it was done. I only had to answer a few random questions that Simplify didn’t know and I submitted the application.

Performance Comic
performance comic

If you are just applying to jobs directly on company websites this is the extension you want to use. Besides that, however, if you are a college grad or intern they have 200,000 jobs that you can easily apply to inside their website or directly on the company website. They have a nice summary of the important facts about the job. It is really well done.

Is there a downside to this website? To be honest I had a problem initially signing up. I have a less common email domain, and they didn’t recognize it as valid. I sent in an email and about two weeks later they apologized for getting back to me late, said they were swamped, and fixed the issue. I was able to log in immediately. They could have told me to buzz off and use a more common email domain but they changed their system to accommodate me who is no one. I thought this was really nice. I don’t blame them for not supporting initially a unique email web-based system, and I appreciate that they made the effort to adjust their systems.

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If LinkedIn hasn’t given you the results that you want, you should try Simplify.