Did you miss the memo? WFH people are addicts.

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According to an article from Bloomberg, WFH causes people to be drug addicts and use dangerous marijuana.

I missed that memo. Here I have been productive from home, and haven’t done any drugs. FOMO I guess. Now since my peers are doing it, I have to hop on the train too. Its very important to company culture that I keep the standards that my peers do isn’t it?

I had a friend once who was a stripper and worked as an investment banker and she shared how it was common to do drugs in the office, and they would wheel around a cart where you choose your beer/wine. I also worked at many companies that had alcohol on the premises and people were allowed and encouraged to drink freely. I can truthfully say that there have been more jobs where there is more alcohol and drugs than where I live.

This isn’t the half of it. HR professionals know that the average person only does 3 hours of work a day in the office. This is a well documented fact. So when someone says they need to be in the office for culture, it is more about controlling workers than getting things done. We all know who have been in an office how much time is wasted. Both in getting there, and staying on task when you are there.

I worked at a company once where the black workers which were the majority explained to me how it was run like a plantation. I being white had no idea. They asked me if anyone dark skinned was a manager and I realized there weren’t any. They explained how history was and that dark skinned people were always the workers. People have the idea that they are special and that different/no rules apply to them.

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That is why in every job owners/managers can work from home but regular people can’t. It is why when the pandemic occurred, a fundamental genie was released that can’t go back in the bottle. No matter what propaganda is used people will not accept the old ways when they have a choice. That choice is coming again. With boomers now leaving their jobs the market is swinging/has swung back to the workers. Viva la Revoluci√≥n!