WFH is amazing

wfh cat comic

WFH is amazing. It continues to help me understand how wonderful life can be.

Today for example I woke up after the time I used to be halfway to the office. The extra rest has made me more alert and have better health, and there is very little risk of getting Covid at home.  It has improved my health dramatically and I can’t believe I didn’t fight harder sooner for WFH.

This is not to brag, but rather to share what an incredible experience this has been for me. I am no longer dealing with the stress of dealing with nonsense to get to work to get to deal with more nonsense. Now the only nonsense is the work that I am assigned!

This is not to convince anyone what is right for them, or what they should do. Rather it is more of a realization that you need to focus on what makes you happy in life and work towards that. I made the mistake of thinking that success in life was in having a relationship and things and it is not. When I had a house, the burden of maintaining the house was huge. Very stressful. I don’t want to do home ownership again. There were always unexpected expenses and it is impossible to save in that condition.

I shared before that WFH has allowed me to save. I didn’t realize how much the costs of commuting, meals, and so on were. It surprised me that for the first time I was able to save, and now that I have been remote this year I have the first time that I have been able to save money. Having money in the bank takes a lot of pressure off of “what if” something breaks with the car or unexpected expenses. If you don’t have an emergency fund, get one and your mental health will increase.

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Working from the office put us on the edge of survival. It cost us not only our health, but our mental well-being and having choices. Is this the right choice for you?