Getting over Covid is hard

covid overcoming comic

I have learned from my own and others’ experiences that getting over Covid is hard. The effects seem to linger.

Dave Granlund,

One friend is still coughing and has been since they got Covid. Another has confusion and I have a congestion. It takes some patience and lots of rest to make some headway with this.

Why am I writing this? Mostly to say that if you have known someone who got COVID-19, just consider them to have lost functionality. There are studies that show that some people do lose additional health capacity and this is called Long Covid now. That is a troubling trend that more people seem to have.

I have had the good fortune in life to be sick often. I got Shingles which was very educational. Each disease that I have gotten has given me an understanding and sympathy for people who suffer from it. While I would be ok and sympathetic without having it, you gain a unique insight into it.

What Covid has taught me is that there is great importance in getting fresh air. I shared I bought a pulse oximeter and I noticed that when I had a window open my percentage of oxygen is higher. Since getting that tool I have had the window open more, which is probably more healthy than I was before.

Another thing that I learned is that taste is so important to enjoying food. I didn’t lose my sense of taste, but I had a friend who did. They weren’t as hungry and that was surprising to me. When I had Covid I was less hungry too and lost weight. Now that I am feeling better I am gaining the weight back and more hungry. It was a temporary dip in weight.

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Mostly what I learned from COVID is that lots of people are suffering and we have to be patient with each other. A reminder never hurts.