Deny entitled people

"i Hear That Women's Brains Are More Active In The Area Involving Self Control."

One of the things that I learned in life is to deny entitled people.

Everyone thinks that they deserve special treatment. No one deserves special treatment. Everyone gets treated the same and if you or they don’t like it tough.

Watching Judge Judy everyone thinks they deserve to be a special case. They all think they are innocent. They all think that if their stories are heard the Judge will find in their favor. What I have seen is that 99% of both parties are guilty and if I were the judge I wouldn’t get anyone any money.

"i Hear That Women's Brains Are More Active In The Area Involving Self Control."
“I hear that women’s brains are more active in the area involving self-control.”

I just watched a case where there was almost an hour of bickering between two neighbors and in the end Judge Judy didn’t award anyone any money. She dismissed both of their cases. What I have seen is the small claims court is abused by people who seek to hurt others when they don’t have a case. It is remarkable how people will disrespect the judge, outright lie, and then on national TV claim to do even more illegal acts. Have people lost their minds?

One person was found guilty of scamming people through social media and his takeaway was to be more clever and delete more. Is this the message that we are sending to youth? Is capitalism just all you can get away with? If that is how bankrupt our society is, then we deserve to be taken over by another country. If we are only defined by dollars we deserve to die.

Why is it so difficult for people to forgive and say I am sorry? Why can’t people be grateful for what they have, and for what their situation is? Honestly, social media and reality TV had denigrated society, and not improved it.

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