Costco grocery delivery helpful in NYC

Costco Comic

I ordered and received my first Costco same-day delivery service yesterday. It went pretty well.

One problem that I had was that two of the things that I had in my order were not available. Sadly when you order online and have it delivered this is a very common experience. They asked me when I was finalizing the order if I wanted substitutions and I selected them. Then when they were out the delivery person confirmed my substitution but I changed my mind and declined it. The second substitution wasn’t available and he automatically declined it. Which was fine I wasn’t crazy about that substitution either.

Costco Comic
costco comic

The delivery was fast and took about a half hour and the driver was nice. All of the delivery drivers are nice and I gave him a bonus payment for that. I liked Costco’s selection and it seemed that the Instacart delivery was free other than the very small charge that went to the driver. It was cheaper than the gas it would have taken to drive there and back for example. Would I do it again? Probably. Does this mean I don’t like Imperfect Foods? I still like them, but since I am curious I like to investigate other options as well.

Earlier this year I bought the computer that I am using now from Costco and in the past, I used to buy books from them. They were cheaper and had a better selection of computer books than I could find anywhere else.  I was so grateful that they did this, and it helped me to get IT jobs by knowing those books’ contents.  I like that they treat their workers well and pay them above-average salaries. I have even returned a few items in the past and loved their fair return policy. No, this is not an advertisement but just that so far they have treated me well as a customer. I get no benefit from sharing this.

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Is there a downside? I don’t see a downside so far. In fact, they did some things right that other stores haven’t done. I ordered raspberries and almost always 99% from every store they are moldy, smooshed, or otherwise inedible. These raspberries were perfect. They were healthy, clean, and delicious. I appreciated that. I also bought some bananas which were cheaper than they are at most stores. I got enough food for several days and even cheaper than Imperfect Foods. Now who doesn’t want to save money?