Music is incredible

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Music is incredible in how it can make us feel.

I listened the other day to K.D Langs Constant Craving and it made me cry. I remember when it first came out how touched I was with the song and I bought the CD.

Now hearing it again I am still moved by its meaning. Then a few minutes later I listened to a song from Saint Saens and I cried again.  I normally don’t cry when I listen to music but it had been a while since I listened to it and it just moved me.

I wonder how many times I have listened to music that help me deal with my feelings and soothe the difficult feelings I had. I know that the pleasure of listening to music far outweighed anything that I paid for it.

Why am I saying this? I think at times we need to reconnect with what makes us feel alive, and what moves us. We have to let go of the junk and trash that wash over us every day and remember our roots. The roots of being able to feel emotion, to be empathic with others, and to be kind.

I have bought music records, tapes, cds, mp3’s and more, and even though I rebuy music I feel grateful to be able to enjoy it. All of those formats are great and the enjoyment you get from music is not at all related to its clarity. For example, I used to listen to a record player made in the 60s and I enjoyed those songs very much. They became a part of me.

What part of music have you valued? To be entertained, educated, inspired? Music is all of this and so much more. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy it.

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