Chiropractor told me to not cross my legs

chiropractic comic

Why? I have always had lower back issues and she said that crossing your legs causes your spine to misalign and contributes to back issues. Since I haven’t been crossing my legs I have felt better in my back.

It is incredible that many times things we have done all our lives contribute to the health issues we face. I had a dentist who told me I was brushing too hard, and once I stopped that the tingling in my gums stopped. Doing something more than is necessary is not helpful, and in fact, in many cases hurts you.

I have seen chiropractors all of my life and made incredible improvements in my health with their advice and experience. It was from a chiropractor that I learned I was allergic to milk and many other things and once I avoided them I felt incredibly healthy. I can remember the first week of not drinking milk. It was like I was a new person.

There is no agenda here to tell you to visit a chiropractor or what you should do to take care of your health. I was told growing up that chiropractors are “witch doctors” and that nothing they could do was scientifically valid. I never believed that. Even before the internet, I had learned about people who benefitted from seeing one and so when I had the chance to experience this I gladly did so.

Often we are the cause of our own suffering. We don’t know many things that professionals do and when we learn and listen to others we often improve the quality of our own lives. I wouldn’t trade anything for what I know and feel now. Often people fantasize about going into their own past, but for me that only represents more pain and suffering. The future is bright and that is where I am living.

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