Children living close to poverty increases

poor children photo

This is so sad for a number of reasons. Why is the US the 4th nation in the world with the highest poverty among children? Mexico is number 1. There are many reasons for this.

The spending on children is 5 billion lower than it historically has been. Parents are having a hard time with poverty themselves, and so many things contribute to this. What does this say as a society when we have money for missiles and war, but nothing to put in children’s stomachs and minds?

poor children photoWe talk about capitalism being the best kind of motivation for economic development. Even if this is true, at what cost? At the cost of the most vulnerable among us? Who is speaking out for the children, handicapped and disenfranchised groups? Why does it have to get so bad before it is made a priority?

In one way it is a failure of all of us that this happens. We allow and elect officials who care more about interests other than the well-being of their constituents. I am not blaming anyone in government, but someone is making these decisions. We have to stop and look at the studies, data, and facts to solve our problems. We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of “being right” and supporting our pet theories to make things better.

I saw firsthand how the poverty of the parent caused hardship for the child. I know personally schoolmates and others who were hungry. I shared my lunches and everything I could afford with those in need whenever I had the chance. This isn’t to glorify me but to share that we all have to do our part for those in need. Is a bigger TV or a nicer car really going to make us happier? Studies and our own experience tell us no. What makes us happy is a sense of purpose, a sense of sharing all of the amazing things we have received.

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Kids, not cars. Food not missiles.