Focus on what you can improve

hungry comic

I have always lived my life by focusing on what I can improve.

On social media sites like LinkedIn people get drawn into discussions that are a waste of time. You know what your reality is, and you don’t need to convince others of it. People don’t make logical and critical thinking mistakes randomly-they choose their prejudices. They won’t be talked out of them either. Don’t waste your time with people who aren’t ready to change.

Work with the communities and people who believe the same as you and and make concrete change in the world. Debate is not the answer and never has been. It is nothing but a delaying tactic for those who hold power. Don’t seek legal permission either. Do what is just and what you wish would be done for you in that situation.

I am not saying to break laws, but if being human and helping is illegal then break any law  you need to help your fellow man. Clearly laws are not morality. Clearly ethics have failed in a world where millions starve and die only to enrich a few further.

Let me give you an example. When I was a kid my family choose to give some food to a needy family. They lived just down the street from us in a house that was falling apart. I couldn’t believe when I took the food into their house and put it in the fridge that there was nothing else in the fridge. I was a just an 8 year old kid but that made me sad and then it made me mad. I’m still mad.

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I’m mad that anyone, anywhere doesn’t have enough to eat and that the UN’s human rights for food, water, housing, jobs were rejected by the US. WTF? How can we possibly be the greatest nation on earth when we have such a poverty of values? There has been no reason for anyone to go hungry since industrial revolution except that it helps those in power maintain that power through coercion.

F those in power and F those who would kill others to maintain it.