Changed Site Icon with Krita

krita image

I changed my Site icon with Krita. It was easy!

First, however, I tried to do it with a free online graphic editor. What a PITA that was. They wanted me to sign up to download my file and the interface was not intuitive. I always try new tools and see what works the best, but those online graphics apps were awful.

Then I looked for reviews for the best free graphics editor. There were many. Some I hadn’t heard about and Krita I hadn’t heard about either. It was an unusual name which means that the team is probably unusual thinkers. I was more curious about that than the others.

When it opened up for the first time I thought I was using Photoshop. It was remarkable how they managed to imitate the interface. I was easily able to define a specific pixel size with a new image just like Photoshop. I am not a Photoshop pro but I have watched tutorials on it and I find it fascinating. Once I defined my Pixel size I simply typed the one character I needed and saved it. Easy. Then Elementor easily handles the upload of any png/jpg from your media library. ShortPixel compressed it and now it looks great.

Well, it looks great to me, it may not look great to you. It is simple and stands for both my website name and curiosity. No this is not an advertisement, I just found this program easy to use and thought you might be interested.

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