Sites I read instead of Reddit


I stopped using Reddit when it started acting monopolistic. That is the sign for this pilgrim to find another religion.

What do I use instead? I have found and to be useful for IT/general topics. I still use Imgur but that is feeling kind of tired due to the recycled content from other social media sites.

I also think that has some really intelligent content. It has things that I never read anywhere else. DW – is a great source for international news. It has fantastic and informative YouTube videos.

I get most of my news from I find that to be fairly intelligent. I tried out ABC News for a while but the content wasn’t as good in my opinion.

I randomly visit other websites if they have a story that seems factual and interesting. I will visit any website that has a factual story. If a news article vers into an opinion I change the channel. I am not here to be brainwashed.

I love reading science-based things but when I write about science few people read it. Science is the most interesting subject in the world to me. It is the sign of what tomorrow will bring and the only ray of hope in a world where ignorance seems to win.

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