Can’t delete WordPress Post trash? Use WP Bulk Delete

Cat Complexs Comic

When I write these posts sometimes I stop and rethink the wisdom of what I am writing. Many of you probably think I should have done that more often. When I decide to not publish something I just delete the article no matter how much time I spend writing it.

However yesterday I couldn’t just delete a post that I made. I don’t know why but it gave me an error message that said “This link is not available.” When I researched it talked about PHP versions and the amount of allocated PHP memory and my resources are quite high so I don’t think that was the cause. However, I like to be tidy so I keep looking for a solution why a WordPress post wasn’t allowing me to delete it.

Cat Complexs Comic
cat complexes comic

One forum post at suggested naming another post with the same title and then deleting that. I tried that but now the second one wouldn’t delete so I had two articles that were a problem. I had to laugh at myself. Often in IT troubleshooting, things are worse before they get better.

I needed to try another tactic. I tried one plug-in that another Google search said might help but it didn’t work. Never to give up however I liked the description of what WP Bulk Delete said and I figured why not give that a try? It worked like a charm. It was super simple and I only had to checkmark a box to delete the trash and it was gone. Hurray!

WordPress is outstanding in that many of its functionalities are already built out with plugins and functional interfaces. I love that you can do so many things. I also love using Elementor and Give them a try and you will be making webpages easier than you ever thought you could.

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