Black sticky rice is delicious

Rice Comic
Rice Comic
rice comic

I love black sticky rice. It is delicious.

It was one of the desserts offered at a Malaysian food place in Chicago. I was amazed at how sweet and delicious it was. I never had anything like it before, and I thought it would be like rice pudding, but it was so much more.

What I liked about it was its complex flavor; I had never eaten black rice before. With the sweetened coconut cream on top, it was amazing. I ordered it every day when I went to that restaurant. Even now remembering it I feel my mouth water.

Why am I sharing this with you? I have shared many delicious foods that I have enjoyed. Food is one of life’s great pleasures. It is unfair that many people worldwide don’t have access to clean and safe food. I have always felt so grateful to have food when it was hard to come by at one point in my life. Until then I knew it was uncomfortable but hadn’t experienced it. People who go through difficult times become more compassionate and understanding people. Or they become jerks who feel entitled to get whatever they can because they are the victim. I think this is up to someone’s attitude about this choice.

This dessert was so good I tried making it at home. No problem cooking the rice but the sweetened coconut cream was more of a challenge. Still, the rice on its own is lovely, and because I am a supertaster I almost didn’t need the coconut cream. Anything sweet on top of black rice would be delicious. Malaysian food I think is the most delicious and I am so lucky to have the experience of knowing it.

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