Huge amount of interest in survival/preparation/solar power items

'When I sent your out for emergency supplies, I was thinking candles, blankets, and food.'

I like to research all the time and I noticed something in the last few months. There is a huge amount of interest in the topic of survival/preparation/solar power items. I have never seen so many things sold out!

'When I sent your out for emergency supplies, I was thinking candles, blankets, and food.'
‘When I sent you out for emergency supplies, I was thinking candles, blankets, and food.’

Across many retailers and websites, you see the message “Due to high interest the shipping will be delayed for this product.” It is incredible. Almost every website that I have gone to in the last six months has said this. In addition, there are shortages of things that you can’t buy online anymore like hand sanitizer which is just nuts to me. The media has said there is a record amount of gun sales as well, so, in addition to people preparing, they are also stocking up on weapons.

I get it. I understand that people are afraid for their jobs, and their lives. It is a scary time when something invisible that you can’t easily defend against is threatening you. It isn’t always easy for people to understand what they are being told. However with that said, certain things continue to be true. What is always true is that nothing outside of us can destroy us.

What does that mean? It means that someone can take our life but they can’t destroy our soul. That is up to us. I don’t know how the universe is made, but it certainly feels like I have a soul and that is the most important thing to me. I don’t care about my stuff. It can easily be stolen or destroyed in a fire. I don’t care about losing my life, because I don’t control the world and my life is always at risk. I don’t care about anything about protection because no one is strong enough to protect against everything. We have to admit that ultimately we are vulnerable and in that freedom of being weak, we can accept the risks.

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Does this mean I don’t wear a mask? Of course not. I wear a mask to protect others. Do I think it protects me? Indirectly yes, but even if it doesn’t, it helps others and is worth doing. We act always to help others, and we will find others that will help us survive. If you are even a half-decent person there is someone who wants to help you, and who will help you. Don’t think that life is all about your own strength. It is not. It is about the network of people who love and accept you.

Life isn’t measured by things, and things can’t protect and fulfill us. Do I have those things? Yes, but I don’t believe they will save me. Ultimately my fate is out of my hands, and there is only so much I can do to be prepared. Life is more about acceptance than resistance.