Big Day on Marvel Strike Force

Strike Force Meme Comic

No, I am not getting any benefit from sharing this, it is just a free-to-play game I enjoy playing.

Why? Today at 4 PM EST a big number of events is happening that will make it more fun and exciting to play. Specifically, I have gotten stuck in not having my characters ready to play the last DD6 level that is available, so I am doing everything I can do to prepare them now. I am hoping the extra money and other changes will help me be able to start that event and get the most recent top character.

Strike Force Meme Comic
Strike Force meme comic

I am what is considered a mid-stage or maybe end-stage player depending on your definition. I started playing the game a few years late so it has taken me a bit to catch up and I am in the best position now I have ever been. This is not to brag but just to share how much I have enjoyed interacting with the Marvel characters. I have even read things about new characters that I didn’t know and appreciate more about the Marvel universe.

Now one solution for me to immediately be able to play DD6 is I could probably spend $500 and that would upgrade my characters so that I could get through it easily. However, I think I can get through it in the next 2 months if I focus on it be disciplined, and not upgrade characters that don’t help me. Part of my slowness was my ignorance, the team I was on, and my ideas of equality. You can’t have equally upgraded characters when they depreciate characters and give bonuses to newer characters rather than older ones. It’s just not how the game works. Once I started to embrace the new character bonus, the progress happened much more easily.

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I love the fact that playing on an iPad is just a wonderful experience compared to a console. Since I share my computer monitor/TV switching to a console would require me switching to a smaller screen on the laptop which I don’t want to do. The older you get the higher your standards become, don’t they? I once was told it was ok to have standards and I agreed with the person. Not only is it ok it is vital. You have to determine what your self-value is worth and anyone who doesn’t agree is free to their opinion.