Beware recruiters who push their own ATS resume service

internet crime

I just had a recruiter say that my resume wasn’t formatted in an ATS way and suggested a website and said that they needed the resume ASAP. I am including the email below.

internet crime
internet crime

The initial email from the scammer:

From: Diana Rogers <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2023
To: me
Subject: Regarding Job Opportunity – Operations Manager


I hope this message finds you well. My name is Diana Rogers and I am a Sr. Executives Recruiter in World Talent Hiring Inc. a reputable Global Recruitment Firm. I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in exploring new opportunities.

One of our clients has retained us to fill the Operations Manager position in one of their recent acquisitions. I was referred to you by an outside talent sourcing firm and based on your previous experience I think you are a very credible candidate.

If you are interested and want to learn more, please reply to this email with a copy of your resume as soon as possible. I will forward it, along with a brief introduction to the client and will contact you back to complete the NDA and get started.

Note: We are a retained search firm and get paid by the employer. You will not be asked to share any confidential information or pay any fees.

Best Regards,

Diana Rogers

Senior Executive Recruiter

World Talent Hiring Inc.

1123 Broadway, 4th Floor, Suite 411

New York City, NY 10010

I respond and include my resume as an attachment. Then I get this email:

Hello Name,

The role is aligned with your experience. Unfortunately, your resume does not parse correctly into the Candidate Management System. In order to move forward, I need your ATS-compatible resume ASAP. You may contact for ATS Compatible Resume.

For reasons of confidentiality and non-disclosure, I am not able to share any details of the position or company with you at this time. I will check my schedule and let you know a few time slots for a brief phone call after the initial process.

Now I know this is a scam. I go to the website and it is terribly done and clearly a scam. I started investigating and guess what I discovered?

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This company does not have a valid claim to being a tenant in the building they said they are in. The management office told me that not only do they not have Suites 411 they also don’t have a tenant with that name or DBA with that name.

I looked up their domain name and discovered it was dropped at another web hosting company. It is being served by Godaddy and I sent them a complaint to their abuse email address. Godaddy asks me to fill out a form about them which I do. It is being hosted on a server in Europe.

Then I go to the Internet Crime complaint center so that I can let them know about it. I also shared the link to a Reddit post where almost this exact text was shown and confirmed it was a scam.

Now I am writing this to let everyone know to watch out for this. So they are either going to be kicked off their web host, investigated by the FBI, and have a nice SERP result when someone goes looking for them in the future. All because they were greedy and couldn’t earn an honest buck. Let’s put scammers out of business.